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A Brief History of the Brownie

May 19th, 2016 Author: p0stlinksdotcom

When you hear the word “brownie” you tend to think of chewy chocolate goodness. Either that or a small girl scout. Or a small girl scout eating brownies. Whatever image comes to mind, we can all agree that a chocolate brownie is one of North America’s favorite sweet treats. It’s had a strange history.

The First Brownies

It is unknown who came up with the idea of a soft chocolate cake with a texture somewhere between cookies and cake. However, the first time the word “brownies” used in a baking recipe was for small molasses-flavored brownies that contained no chocolate whatsoever in an 1896 cookbook called “The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book” compiled by Fanny Farmer. These molasses-flavored brownies certainly looked brown instead of cocoa black. It may be no surprise that this cookbook became the best-selling cookbook of the late 1890s. Could the brownies have had something to do with that?

The First Chocolate Brownies

It is also unknown who was the first person to substitute chocolate for molasses in a brownie recipe. There have been many legends but nothing has been proven so far. One legend is that a type of elf called a brownie came up with batches of chocolate brownies for a poor but serving baker in Bangor, Maine down on his luck. The baker called the treats “brownies” after his supernatural benefactors. Since the existence of elves has never been proven, the chance of this legend being fact is nil. Meanwhile, the Boston Globe published the first chocolate brownie recipe in 1905. They were called “Bangor Brownies” after the town that Stephen King would later immortalize with novels of not so friendly supernatural creatures.

The Brownie in Modern Times

Over the decades, Bangor Brownies were called Boston Brownies and then by the 1920s the name was just shortened to brownies. Although brownies seem to have first been popular in New England, by the end of the 1920s they were in demand all over the United States. Since then, the sky has been the limit for brownies, with chocolate-free versions, versions with icing and even vegan versions like Hampton Creek Brownies, made without eggs or milk but retaining all of the chocolate chewy taste.

Tips to Stopping Credit Card Fraud

May 13th, 2016 Author: p0stlinksdotcom

Credit score card scam happens any time someone increases access for you to an lawsuit filer’s legitimately exposed credit cards account and also uses this to acquire items, get out dollars advances and also create some other illegal plans. Credit cards fraud fees credit cards companies thousands of us dollars per season. However typically the consumer basically typically sensible for just about any of this, as numerous companies possess zero money credit card fraud legal responsibility assurances. Information theft positions a longer-term risk, given that basic private information seldom changes. After personal info is thieved, it can easily be utilized to wide open up brand-new lines associated with credit with regard to months along with years to be able to come.

Around a 1 fourth of some sort of million US people file any complaint regarding identity fraud each year. Given that not every person who is usually a sufferer files any report, professionals believe the particular actual quantity is larger. You may unwind the actual fraudulent exercise that brought to identification theft, yet it may well take some sort of tremendous volume of moment to thoroughly clean up your own credit historical past and recover your credit score score. When you’ve removed through the particular paperwork, a person will require to check out back for you to make certain that practically nothing new transforms up in your credit score history. While it arrives to credit history card scam, your participation will normally end after you record the scam to your current credit credit card company. To discover more about how to prevent credit card fraud, click the link.

Ways to Avoid Ever Being Forced to Borrow Money Again

May 13th, 2016 Author: p0stlinksdotcom

Not very sensible folks keep repeating their own miscalculations. Sensible individuals learn from them. Truly smart individuals benefit from OTHER folk’s errors. These types of specifics are usually true associated with a number of different situations in one’s life, from always keeping bad company to driving a motor vehicle too rapidly to getting short term loans simply regarding the deficiency of fiscal planning. There are many those who, pretty much all the days of the year, discover that they are forced to head over to a place similar to mr lender to get short term loans online, simply to slide by until their own subsequent paycheck! Although there are generally absolutely no doubt quite a few genuine “emergency” scenarios, the response to which might actually be accepting money, often times the demand arises because of quite a few bad economic actions.

For instance, an unexpected number of individuals who will be have to frequently borrow money nevertheless drive a high priced car, are the owners of a dresser packed with expensive clothing which was probably fairly recently acquired, and even observe a new television that is so large that it may well tend to make their very own parents feel they were inside of a movie theatre. Marketing and advertising has got the result associated with making folks feel like what they obtain are actually needs when in fact, they frequently won’t be. Furthermore, there is a tendency for folks to jump to get an item they really want because it is a “good deal” or maybe at discount. It doesn’t matter how good a deal it is, in the event the person ends up having to borrow money at a later time to fund the shortfall his or her purchase developed, it’s actually not a good deal in any way, specifically not once the interest is put into the particular formula.

Luckily, turning out to be aware is perhaps the most important component of being successful in the fight against personal debt, over spending, and the need for you to borrow. Once a person realizes that he / she must create a lot more economic self-discipline, the next phase is to generate a monthly spending budget and even to examine areas where he might have the ability to reduce costs. Might he manage to trade that sports car for something a little less flamboyant? Sell your telly and also do without one for a time, or perhaps enjoy older shows through their computer, as a primary alternative? Once the money actually begins to run in, as opposed to out, you could be amazed to find how pleasurable responsible cash operations itself can be.

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