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Home Loan? SBI home Loan or HDFC home loan

February 15th, 2011 Author: admin

Home Loan? SBI home Loan or HDFC home loan

The decision to buy a home or build a house is one of the biggest financial decisions that an individual takes. A personal home or a house gives an Individual a sense of identity. Today Government and other financial institutions including banks are encouraging people to buy houses with flexible and easy pay home loan with low home loan interest.

Yes, flexible and easy pay home loan with low interest is the assurance given to every person opting for a home loan by probably every bank offering home loan. Home loan has three essential elements the principal amount, the home loan interest and the repayment term. The Home loan interest is very important in determining the uptake of this Home loan by the masses. Due to usual human tendency, cheap home loan is preferred rather than the expensive alternative. However the Home Loan rates are, not the only factor an individual should consider, but there are several other factors an individual should consider before finalizing his decision for a home loan.

However since rates are of paramount importance for any loan including home loans lets elaborate more on it giving examples of two banks offering home loans called the SBI home loans and HDFC home loans.

SBI Home Loans come to you on the solid foundation of trust and transparency built in the tradition of State Bank of India. SBI Home Loan – For Loan amount upto Rs. 30 Lacs…. (w.e.f. 01.July.2009)

SBI Home Loan or Home loan rate during the first year (i.e. till first anniversary date from the date of first disbursement) is fixed at 8% p.a. SBI Home Loan or Home Loan rate during next two years is fixed at 8.5% p. a. SBI Home Loan or Home Loan rate after three years may be Fixed or Floating as per the borrower’s choice made at the time of sanction. If floating home loan rate option is chosen, then the home loan rates will be 2.75% below SBAR (State Bank Advance Rate). If fixed home loan rate option is chosen, then the home loan rates will be 1.25% below SBAR prevailing on the third anniversary date from the date of first disbursement of SBI home loan and shall have a reset frequency of 5 years from the third anniversary date of the SBI home loan. Fixed interest shall be subject to force-majeure clause. For SBI home Loan amount above 30 lacs SBI Home Loan rates is fixed at 8% p.a. and 9% p.a. for first and second years of taking the SBI Home Loan, respectively and for third year if floating home loan rates option is chosen, then the home loan rate will be 1.75% below SBAR . If fixed home loan rate option is chosen, then the home loan rate will be 0.75% below SBAR.

HDFC Home Loans

HDFC’s objective, from the beginning, has been to enhance residential housing stock and promote home ownership by way of HDFC Home loans.

HDFC home loans or floating home loan rates for new customers are

9.75 per cent for HDFC home loans up to Rs 30 lakhs. 10.75 per cent for HDFC home loans more than 30 lakhs.

Thus the efforts are to keep decreasing the interest rates to a point where it can encourage people to take more and more home loans. With increasing competition among banks, interest rates would be a deciding factor as to which bank can offer the least interest rates and which would be higher on interest rates but will try to gain customers through prompt incentives by waiving of the charges for processing and documentation, for home loans.

Bill Poulos Instant Pips Method

February 14th, 2011 Author: admin

Bill Poulos Instant Pips Method

While researching new ways to save time trading Forex (without sacrificing pips), this trader kind of stumbled upon 2 “discoveries” that may surprise you.

The first one has to do with a “flaw” in how 90% or more of Forex traders think about trading these markets.

It’s deceptively simple…

-yet it led him to develop a pretty unusual technique around ‘scalping’ the ‘sweet spots’ of the best Forex markets.

Watch this brand new video he just recorded that reveals these discoveries, along with an unusual ‘scalping’ technique.

If you really, really enjoy staring at your computer all day long day trading every nook & cranny of the markets, then you might not like this video, because it shows you how to spend LESS time trading and MORE time ‘having a life’.

This free video comes from Bill Poulos.

Who is Bill Poulos ?

Bill Poulos of ProfitsRun.com is an experienced trader and investment educator. As a retired automotive executive, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance, he’s relied on his background to help build his own company and help thousands of traders.

What separates Bill Poulos from most other ‘how-to gurus’ is that he began as a trader and has learned the hard lessons himself, developing the discipline necessary to be profitable on a sustained basis.  All too many times people get suckered in by smooth talking gurus who’ve never even had a live trading account.

In his 30+ years of trading experience, Bill has developed dozens of trading systems and methods. He prides himself on providing honest and realistic trading education, and is known for the continuous support and follow-up he offers his students.

The first advice Bill provides is that anyone who’s not well educated concerning stocks, options, or Forex should not even think about trading them. It all begins with education. One of the best things that Bill does for his students is offer a slew of free trading materials to build their educational foundation.

Unsecured Personal Loans with Life House Funding

February 12th, 2011 Author: admin

Unsecured Personal Loans with Life House Funding


When I was looking for a unsecured personal loan there was one company that really stood out from the rest, that company was Life House Funding. They were able to put me into a personal loan that drastically lowered my monthly payments and gave me the relief I needed. Life house funding starts by asking you a series of questions, which helps determine which loan product is best for your unique situation. They then place you with one of their in house representatives that will hold your hand through the entire loan process. I personally had tons of questions about lending in general and they were more than helpful at putting everything in simple to use terms.

I was given a few different options when speaking to Life house Funding. They offered me a line of credit loan product; as well as, a regular installment loan. I decided to go with the installment loan because of the low interest and term length. The line of credit loan option would have allowed me to take the funds out when I needed, but in the end a personal installment loan seemed to be the best fit.

With my new installment loan I am going to be able to consolidate my credit cards into one small monthly payment. This debt consolidation loan if going to give me the savings needed to get by during this tough economy. Now, I will be able to pay down my credit cards in a timely fashion and finally be debt free in 60 months. Without this company I doubt I would have ever found the right lender who would consider my application. All I can say is thank you. Thank you very very much.


One Of The Most Basic Online Forex Platforms Is A Currency Trading Platform

November 17th, 2010 Author: admin

Investing and trading within any local or global stance is something that has grown substantial throughout the past several decades. Investing and trading of stocks and bonds is often a crucial method of keeping any stock market viable, and growing as well as providing a source of funding to companies and governmental agencies. Today, more consumers and businesses are looking to online companies and services for this type of investing while Forex provides the leading services in the virtual arena today. Investors must know what is required when selecting an online Forex trading platform.

Forex online trading platforms are comprised of a series of brokerage services that are often accessed through a live or online network of experts. This series of investment strategists and tools available to aid in the investment process has grown substantially and allowed for a much broader scope of products and services. As such, there are countless tools and resources available for any novice or professional investor.

Prior to making any decision as to which platform to use, there should be a considerable amount of research and sampling performed in order to select the best one. There are quite a few platforms within the Forex system which allow for varying degrees of success and trading acumen. Thorough knowledge and research makes the selection process much simpler overall.

One of the most basic online Forex platforms is a Currency trading platform. When a broker is selected, this platform allows for a very smooth currency trading process and provides immediate and convenient access to currency trading. This type of platform should be leveraged options, technical indicators, and be very easy to use overall.

Any successful and established platform should come complete with a top notch customer service support team. One can never be certain when customer support will be needed during the investment process which makes this service vital. Ensure this is available around the clock seven days a week.

To ensure customer service is viable and accurate, be sure to ask a few sample questions using a real life scenario. This sample will determine the rapidity of response as well as the accuracy of the answer. They should be swift, accurate, and courteous at all times.

Trading markets and platforms are ever evolving which requires access to the most current and valid updates to software and downloads. These should be free of charge and available at all times. Also, once installed, there should be little to no maintenance required.

Do you need an assurance to be ahead in the trading game? Then what you want is Forex News Online. Do you also wish to uncover even more truth about the currency trading market? Click the link right here to find out more: Forex Reviews

Get Out Of Debt With Not Being Scammed, Part 2

October 28th, 2010 Author: admin

Now the downside to the un-reputable “scam” organizations is they will simply not say individuals that and will probably do everything in their ability to sugarcoat the full procedure and never present complete disclosure to those unfavorable aspects of the program. There is no chance of evading the problems for the credit file when falling behind, though the damage done isn’t constant and might be argued in the forthcoming once the settlements have been recently negotiated and the debts repaid off. You can go to Debt to find out more regarding that theme.

Understandably when you stop paying your creditors they will probably call in an attempt to collect the debt. This is part of the process and in case you can’t acknowledge that than debt negotiation isn’t for you. The issue companies I have been referring to could guarantee they might cease all the collections calls. If you read about such run for the hills! Because the bottom line is no business might totally stop all the calls and they’re simply telling you that in order to make you feel at ease and sign up. With that being said here are things you can do , which might be taken to greatly reduce the calls and a debt relief options corporation could assist individuals during taking the right steps towards submitting the proper cease and desist letters to assist you do just that.

The other issue I think is crucial is for the people who are thinking about the debt negotiation process to get the picture of is how long this process must take. Like I mentioned earlier the great things about current path are saving both cash and time, and to increase the savings of both you ought to look to get this process done as soon as possible. Perfectly the target goal should be within 2 years, care about that if you could struggle with your current minimum imbursements however can make them, then said debt negotiation process can enable you to get out of debt within 2 years. But the longest somebody ought to care about finding yourself in a debt settlement programs is four years. Whatever thing longer could mean that you might really be more effective met the requirements for bankruptcy.

Those scam businesses will allow the client to shell out whatever it is that they can, whether or not the business recognizes that the lower payment will not be enough in order to complete the program. They simply enable you to shell out anything you understand so they can sign you up on the program and take fees. A legitimate organization is going to review your budget and your individual creditors to check if there is a plan of action that will probably work for you to become debt free. If you talk to an organization that is going to permit you to pay no matter what again run for the hills. Have more data about that theme by visiting Debt Settlement.

Finally still essentially constantly make sure the company you’re analyzing is a certified member of the Bbb and has a great rating. Which thing you really have to examine is how long they have been in business and how many and which type of complaints they might have. A firm , which has experienced business for at least 36 months and has a clean record is a good place to start.

Be sure to come to Credit Loan to find out more regarding Money owing solutions ways.