E-commerce: Staying Competitive

Many online businesses are opening up because of the opportunities brought about by the growth of our digital economy. Anyone now can get their products in front of millions of active consumers who are already shopping and ready to buy, simply by spending a few minutes creating a profile on known online sales platforms. The ease by which anyone can sell products in the marketplace is being used by experts in e-commerce to encourage people to do so, and this has also been encouraged by the booming online sales platforms. It is easy to start an online business, more than it is to start an offline one, and that is why there are a lot of e-commerce retailers now doing business online. The elements for an e-comm business are similar, expenses and difficulties. However, the biggest difference is that e-commerce can be started with minimal budget and scaled up to a value that can rival offline stores.

Online retail elements is comprised of finding a product which is already is demand to some degree. You next need to have a manufacturer produce the product for you for a low price so you can allow for a profit markup. Then the product is listed on the seller platform and positioned there so that potential buyers can see it. Then you replenish you inventory and deal with customer service issues.

There are also disadvantages in selling your products online. When there are so many companies opening business, the price will be driven down to the bottom. The ease in entering e-commerce will make competitors soon flood the market. When the market gets saturated with the same product, the natural thing to do is to lower the price. Selling becomes unprofitable if the price is too low. The question now is how can an online retailer stay competitive despite this trend?
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You can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors if you sell your product for a lower price, and this is if your only strategy for selling products online is to present a product identical to others in the market. However, there is another option which can keep you out of the downward spiral of price-cutting war. With this other alternative you will be able to command a price for your product without being affected by your competitor’s price. Making your product stand out of the competition is through superior sales copy, packaging, and presentation, which makes your product’s value more than their physical utility.
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BE sure to make your product have an image so that consumers will look at it as something else, an extension of one’s identity, or a symbol of a type of lifestyle, then this distinction can’t be copied by your competitors because it is part of your branding.

If you want to survive, make sure you go the extra mile to distinguish your products from the rest.