This indirect automotive financing company can help dealers sell more new and used vehicles. The marketing techniques, lead generation methods, and financing for targeted customers are offered to both franchised and non-franchised dealerships. Retail installment sales contracts to dealerships are secured by late model used, and sometimes new, vehicles on a long-term basis.


Dealers have the flexibility to extend financing opportunities to buyers with limited credit history, low incomes, and past credit problems. Those contracts are purchased by indirect financing companies, such as Consumer Portfolio Services. The company will then collect the debt from vehicle owners. Eight automobile finance programs are offered to dealers.


Finance companies have marketing representatives that target customers and direct them to specific dealerships. A strong internet presence captures the attention of car buyers who may be hesitant to apply for financing. They are encouraged to visit the dealership by becoming aware of financing opportunities.

This is how most dealerships can offer financing to those who are a risk. The dealership may advertise the service by calling it a “fresh start” or “credit builders” program. The interest rates are slightly higher than financing for those with excellent credit, but is a way to obtain reliable transportation. The vast majority of approvals are for late model used vehicles, but can apply to new vehicles in some circumstances.

Avoid Business Loans

Financial backing from an indirect company can eliminate the need for business loans. An increase in leads and the opportunity to offer low income financing may be the key to a thriving dealership.

What is Needed

A franchised dealer is usually included in a contract with the parent company. Non-franchised dealership owners can also be approved for long-term fund contract purchases. Qualifications regarding inventory and size will have to be met, and specific paperwork is required. The dealership has to have been in business for at least two years at the time of applying.

Paperwork to Be Submitted

The past three months of bank statements for the dealership are needed, as is a current financial statement. A copy of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license is required. Photographs of the dealership must be included, along with the credit history of each owner.